Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Knauf Insulation Earthwool®

Quiet and Comfort with Earthwool® Thermal Insulations in Melbourne

Noise can be a major problem for many Melbourne residents. Traffic, neighbours, construction sounds and various other factors can disrupt the peace, causing stress and discomfort. Bargain Insulation understands this, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality acoustic Earthwool® thermal insulations in Melbourne.

Bargain Insulation proudly stocks top-of-the-range Knauf insulation Earthwool® batts. We offer a specialist acoustic range, available in two excellent sound absorbing performance levels – Ultra Performance (14kg/m³) and High Density (20kg/m³).

The Benefits of Knauf Insulation Earthwool®

Made of durable recycled glass fibres, Earthwool® thermal insulations in Melbourne feature innovative ECOSE® Technology, a bio-based binder that is renewable and recyclable. This innovative binder is formulated without phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colours, making it a more sustainable choice compared to generic glass wool insulation batts.

Not only does acoustic Knauf Insulation Earthwool® reduce unwanted noise from outside, but it also limits sound transmission from room to room, making it perfect for use in both residential and commercial structures. Furthermore, it can provide acoustic treatment to walls, ceilings and floors, and is ideal for use in timber and metal frames.

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Bring peace and quiet to your premises today with our range of ECOSE® technology insulation in Melbourne, designed to reduce noise transmissions and provide the essential thermal properties to keep you comfortable all year round. Our Knauf insulation Earthwool batts are sold at wholesale prices, giving you the best value for your money. Call us to find out more or to make an order today!