Ceiling Insulation

Live Comfortably Without High Costs with Knauf Ceiling Insulation in Melbourne

At Bargain Insulation, we understand the need for high-quality insulation batts that provide exceptional insulating value while also being good for the environment. That’s why we offer Knauf ceiling insulation in Melbourne, available in a variety of thicknesses and dimensions to cater for dwellings of all sizes.

Earthwool® Ceiling Batts in Melbourne – Taking Care of the Environment

Earthwool® ceiling batts in Melbourne contain sustainable and innovative materials, with 80% of its composition comprising of recycled glass bottles. Furthermore, it’s bonded together by ECOSE® Technology, a renewable bio-based binder. Containing no added phenol, formaldehyde, artificial colours or acrylics, it boasts greater sustainability than standard binders that utilise non-renewable and petroleum-based chemicals.

Using Earthwool® ceiling batts in Melbourne provides excellent acoustical barriers while being cost-effective and fire resistant. Its consistent quality, low dust properties and clean-cutting resilient fibres make installation quick and easy. The batts can also be recycled again at the end of the building’s life, making Earthwool® a truly exceptional product.

Installation of Knauf Ceiling Insulation in Melbourne

Effective Knauf ceiling insulation in Melbourne can save up to 45% on heating and cooling costs, making it an obvious choice if you’re looking to save on utility bills. However, correct installation is crucial to ensure operation at full capacity. Even a small gap can reduce the insulating value significantly, which is why Bargain Insulation offers professional installation services in Melbourne. We’ll fit your batts snugly, ensuring tricky areas such as around ducts and pipes are securely fitted. Speak to us today to learn more about our installation service.

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Browse our selection of thermal Knauf Earthwool® ceiling insulation today to find the right fit for your requirements. If you need advice or have any other queries, please contact our friendly team in Melbourne. We are always happy to help.