Sisalation Foil Wrap for Walls

Sisalation foil wrap is a crucial part of the fabric of any structure – commercial, retail or residential. It’s 97% reflective, with excellent features that protect against radiant heat and the harsh elements. Preventing moisture from transferring from the external to the internal walls, this foil wrap is ideal for sealing buildings, acting as a barrier to protect against wind and dust.

Manufactured from a durable, tear-resistant woven polymer that’s laminated to reflective aluminium foil, sisalation foil helps to maintain indoor temperatures while being water resistant. These protective properties make it especially beneficial for buildings in bushfire prone areas. Not only does it offer an effective way of protecting your premises, it will also save you money in the long run by cutting costs on heating bills.

Foil Wraps to Suit Your Requirements

Bargain Insulation offers a great range of heavy duty Sisalation foil wrap in various sizes and performance levels. Whether you need standard protection or a more enhanced option, you’ll find it here within our selection.

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