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Thermal Wall Insulations in Melbourne

Proper Installation of Thermal Wall Insulations in Melbourne is Key

Effective thermal wall insulations in Melbourne can save up to 15% of heating and cooling energy. When insulating your new or existing home, however, it’s vital to ensure that your insulation batts are installed correctly. An air gap as little as 5% can dramatically decrease the usefulness of insulation batts, with effectiveness also lessened when they are crushed or compressed.

Unlike the ceiling area, walls cannot easily be accessed again. Such discrepancies in insulation will therefore result in a lot of headaches. That is why Bargain Insulation offers expert installation services to ensure that your home is properly fitted with our range of thermal wall insulations in Melbourne.

Why Choose Us for Thermal Wall Insulations?

At Bargain Insulation, we proudly offer Knauf Earthwool® batts in a variety of densities and sizes for those looking for thermal wall insulations in Melbourne.

Made of highly resilient recycled glass fibres, Earthwool® products are bonded by ECOSE® Technology, an innovative binder based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials. It contains no added formaldehyde, phenol, acrylics or artificial colours found in generic glasswool insulation, making it a more sustainable option than standard binders utilising non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals.

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Browse through our selection today to find the right thermal wall insulations in Melbourne for your needs. We offer standard thermal batts as well as acoustic/thermal batts that provide an enhanced noise barrier. No matter what your requirements are, you’re sure to find the right fit here within our range. If you need advice or have any other queries, our knowledgeable and experienced team in Melbourne are always happy to help. Give us a call today on 0431 344 088.